My Approach to Psychotherapy

Mindfulness based psychotherapy, also known as core process psychotherapy was pioneered by Maura and Franklyn Sills at the Karuna Institute and the MA training is taught in collaboration with Middlesex University.

Mindfulness based psychotherapy blends ancient Buddhist psychology with more recent theories of human development to create a wonderfully rich therapeutic approach, grounded in contemplative practice, kindness and compassion

The starting point for our work together is trust. I focus on creating a safe space for my clients. I offer warmth and non-judgemental connection so that they can explore what is going on for them.
Central to this is the mindful approach of paying attention to what is going on in both mind and body. I partner with my clients on equal terms; there is no magic solution or wishing away of problems.
I offer care, safety, space and skills for exploration and as a therapist, I stay alongside my clients until they feel resourced and well enough to continue on their journey independently.

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