How Does the Psychotherapy Process Work?

I work with clients for any length of time. Some clients need a short input of 12-24 weeks to help them through a specific challenge. Others are looking for something more profound. It is not unusual to work with a client for several years.

In our first session we will start exploring the things that are on your mind, agree whether psychotherapy is the right route to take and how we think it might work between us. I offer the first session for £25 so that we can both find out whether the relationship feels right. After that I charge £50 per session.
We then meet for one hour each week, usually at the same time and place, either in Portobello or in Edinburgh Town Centre. From March 23rd 2020 and for the period that Covid-19 guidance requires non-essential work to be done from home, we will meet by Zoom or by telephone.
We work together for as long as feels helpful and necessary, reviewing after 6-8 weeks and regularly thereafter. When it feels right to stop, we plan the ending together.

Is counselling the same thing as psychotherapy?

Whilst some people feel strongly about these words, they are now often used interchangeably. A commonly cited distinction is that psychotherapy may go on for longer and may go deeper. They both cost about the same though and it is more important that you feel comfortable with the person than what they call themselves. It may be useful for you to know that whoever you are working with is a qualified member of a certifying institution, like the UK Council for Psychotherapy (UKCP), which is my governing body.

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