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I am a senior student of psychotherapy, studying Mindfulness-based Psychotherapy for an MA at the Karuna Institute, in collaboration with Middlesex University, and I am offering these sessions while I…Read More

  1. I am a senior student of psychotherapy, studying Mindfulness-based Psychotherapy for an MA at the Karuna Institute, in collaboration with Middlesex University, and I am offering these sessions while I am completing my training. In this therapy, I aim to offer you a relationship which enables you to feel more able to meet the situations which arise in your life.
  2. All my work is supervised according to professional and ethical requirements. This means I discuss my work with a qualified, registered supervisor, and in this process your identity is protected.
  3. I am bound by the ethical framework and code of practice of my training organisation, the Karuna Institute, which is a Member Organisation of the United Kingdom Council for Psychotherapy, and all clinical sessions I offer in our work together are offered in line with UKCP ethics and policies.
  4. We will aim to meet at the same time each week for a one-hour session. If this needs to be changed, we will discuss this during the previous session(s) where possible.
  5. The fee for each session is £50 which can be paid in cash or by cheque at each session, or directly into my bank account if preferred. I review my fees each year and may increase them. I will give you at least six months’ notice of any increase.
  6. After our initial meeting, it would be typical to meet for six sessions and to review our work in that session. If we decide to continue after this, we can build in further review sessions when either of us feels they are needed. During the reviews, and at any time, you are invited to discuss your views of our work together.
  7. It is understood that there is a commitment by both of us to attend our weekly sessions. If you need to cancel a session, please let me know as soon as possible. A minimum of 24 hours’ notice is required or the fee will be due. If you cancel with more than 24 hours’ notice and would like a session at a different time in the same week, I will try to arrange one. I will give you as much notice as I can if I am unfortunately obliged to change a session time or to cancel a session.
  8. Please attend sessions on time, as I need to end the sessions at the stated time even if you arrive late.
  9. We need to discuss times of holidays and unavoidable absences in advance, and preferably during a session, as these breaks can have an impact on our work.
  10. I will tell you as soon as possible if for any reason I need to take breaks or if I am no longer able to work with you. If I am unable to see you for some time, I will do my best to give you the contact details of a suitable psychotherapist who can support you, if that is your wish.
  11. Everything that is discussed in our sessions is confidential between us, according to the normal professional requirements of psychotherapy and counselling. However, there are some exceptions to this:
    11a.  If you tell me about direct risk or harm or abuse to anyone, or knowledge of money laundering or plans for terrorist activities, there may be a legal requirement for me to report this to the relevant authorities.
    11b.  I have an ethical obligation to report sexual, physical or emotional abuse or neglect, and would seek to discuss this with you first.
    11c.  I might wish to contact your GP if you are at risk, or if there are elements of your care which would be helpful for me to discuss with your GP. I would endeavour to discuss this with you first.
  12. Confidentiality means that I cannot enter into any other form of contact with you, such as a social or business relationship, outside our sessions, to preserve the unique and special quality of our psychotherapy relationship. If we meet one another in another setting by accident, we will need to discuss this in our therapy session.
  13. We will not engage in discussions via any form of media outside our session times, except in order to arrange appointments. If you are experiencing difficulties or an emergency, we can discuss the support you may need. You can leave messages for me on 07842 409999.
  14. The therapeutic relationship is intended to offer you a unique opportunity to be seen, heard and responded to. It is possible that at times you may experience difficult feelings about our work, or towards me, and if so, it is very important that we work together to understand and work with those feelings. Please tell me if you should experience any difficulties in our work.
  15. I keep notes of our work together in order to help me work effectively, following the normal practice of psychotherapy. These are kept securely at my home. You are entitled to ask to see these, although I need sufficient notice to make them available. I am registered as a Data Controller and follow strict guidelines to protect your personal information. I only use this information in order to help me in my work with you.
  16. When either of us feels it is time to bring the psychotherapy to an end, we will discuss this and work together towards a planned ending date. There is no minimum or maximum time required to work together.
  17. Please keep me informed and updated about any prescription medication you are taking, as this may affect our work.
  18. In the event that you are seriously unhappy about our work, I hope you would feel able to discuss this with me. However, if you feel unable to do this, please contact The Karuna Institute Natsworthy Manor,  Widecombe-in-the-Moor,  Newton Abbot, Devon TQ13 7TR

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